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Profsindia is considering the Associates, Students, Interns & Virtual Staff, who can work remotely in fulfilling the Vision of CA. Rahul Gupta and to Enhance the Professionalism.


The concerned persons in the field of Taxation, Finance, Banker, DSA, Accountant, Professionals (CA, CS, Advocates, CMA) or any other person engaged in related activites, can become our Associates.

Profsindia is giving opportunities to enhance their scope of activities and to engage their existing clients in a wider range of services. 

Students / Interns


Students or Interns who want to garnish their skills in the subjects of Accounting, Taxation, Financial Management, etc along with the Stipends can submit the Career Review Form as below.

We will impart the knowledge for Skill Enahncement through our Skill India Channel, which are currently supported by some Professionals, to achieve the goal of our Hon'ble Prime Minister.



The Candidates can also apply for Employment, which is primarily aimed at Virtual Services. As a part of Digital India, We aim to employ staff to work remotely.


You can submit the Career Review Form to submit your details. Our Team will respond you shorlty. The Set of Criterias will be shared along with Interview through VC. Selected Candidates will need to go through the Trial Period and after successful completion of Trial, the Staff will be enrolled on Payroll.

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